Saturday, 25 January 2014

Back Feb 7 by Susan L.

  I am off later today. There's only a few last minute items left to pack. The house is as clean as it's ever been for my houseguest. All that anxiety was for nothing, silly me. It has surprised me that it all got done! I even shovelled the driveway this morning and have time to do a post.
  Pumpkin knows something is up though. Housework might have been his first clue. He's being very attentive this morning so it's good he'll have company while I am away. I'll miss him even though he can get annoying some times. He's well taken care of: nails clipped and his toy box is full of mice to amuse him in the evenings. I must remember to tell my friend the cat likes nature shows on TV. Scurrying animals really get his attention and always makes me laugh at the futility of his hunting alertness.
  It's snowing a bit but hopefully not enough to delay the plane. My brother kindly bought me a pass for the first class lounge at the airport. That's a new experience for me. I'm more the economy class kind of gal.
  I may be able to post the odd blog over the next two weeks but that will depend on technology and access to a laptop.
  Until then, blessings to all.
  "Offer thanks to God and pay your vows unto the most High." Ps 50:41

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