Monday, 5 November 2012

Blooming Ideas by Susan L.

An orchid has graced my living room since the spring. Most of the flowers, white with purplish spots, have fallen off. Only two companions remain. It must like the eastern exposure of the large window because yesterday I noticed some new buds forming on the stick-like stems. I was thrilled to see them. I've heard they can be finicky and tempermental. Conditions need to be just right. The only fertilizer I give any of my house plants is a dose of water from my aquarium. The fish have kindly deposited a plethora of nutrients in the water. It seems to work really well. Coming back from the city on Saturday a driver in the passing lane raced by only to slam on his brakes a couple of feet behind another car. It wasn't travelling fast enough although both were speeding. He flashed his high beams and continued to sit on the heels of the other car. Accelerate, brakes, lights, pull back, repeat. The lead driver seemed oblivious and made no effort to pull aside to let the car pass. Eventually, the tail-gater swooped into the slow lane, roared past and swung into the fast lane mere inches past the front bumper of the other car. The roads were wet and I am thankful there wasn't an accident. Can you imagine a world where we treated each other with the care needed to raise a rare and delicate flower? This Earth would be a world of concideration, gentleness, and nuturing. To quote Louis Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World." "You who dwell in the gardens, the companions listen to your voice--Let them hear it!" Song 8:13

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