Saturday, 28 November 2015

Postponed by Susan L.

  My lower back got strained earlier this week so it's been a week of gingerly sitting and just as gingerly standing up. Give me a headache any day over a sore back! It interferes with absolutely everything I wanted to do. There must be a brain/back connection that makes concentrating difficult when pain gets involved. Therefore my word studies are postponed until I can sit for any length of time.
  It's happened before but this is the longest it has lasted. The timing, at least according to my schedule, stinks. Church had their Christmas dinner last night but I opted not to go. After working yesterday, it seemed unwise to push things too much. Rest, rest and more rest wherever possible is the priority.
  I am going to a 70th birthday party tonight for a good and dear friend. I may not stay long but definitely need to make an appearance. At least there aren't any other demands on my day except for gift wrapping and maybe a hot bath to loosen the spasms of angry muscles.
  That's it for today. I pray things improve quickly.
  "And Jesus said to him, "I will come and heal him."" Mat 8:5

Friday, 27 November 2015

Whirlwind by Susan L.

  It's not just the season but it's in my head as well. Question upon question, a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. Those two are separate. We can know all sorts of things but it doesn't necessarily make us wise. 
  The word "mystery" has been rolling around the gray matter for a few days now. It's a word worth checking out in scriptures.
  So has "love". I started doing a word study on love when I first became a Christian at the suggestion of the woman who led me to the Lord. She told me I needed to read these verses over and over until I got what love truly meant. At the time I could only discover, based on my experiences, what love was not. I quit reading because it only made me very sad and stirred up a whole whack of crappy memories I was ill equipped to deal with.
  This was before I went swimming in the black river, the place of madness and despair, where those crappy experiences threatened to drown me.
  There is a good part of me that is afraid to love. Experience has proven love means loss, abandonment, being cast aside and forgotten. Human love is selfish, demanding and devouring. (Gee, that sounds a tad bitter. I'm not because I am free now to discover the truth of Love.)
  Forgive me, Lord, for believing these lies. (Even as I typed them out, I could hear they weren't true.) Forgive me for my expectations of others as to how they should love me especially since I thought I was unworthy of love. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy! Forgive me for having been selfish and demanding of Your creations. Thank You, that You will bring me into a place of understanding.
  It's time to move on and into a deeper awareness of Divine Love.
  "As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love." Jn 15:9

Thursday, 26 November 2015

In the Spirit by Susan L.

  The Christmas spirit that is. It began to bubble up late last week when a small snowfall created a winter wonderland in the yard. Even the clothesline became a thing of beauty.
  We had our work "Holiday Party" last night. We're treated to dinner at a really nice restaurant. We do the gift lottery. It's where you're given a choice to open a gift or take something that someone else has already opened. There is much laughter and grace and groans as the odd exceptionally wonderful gift gets stolen more than once.
  I opted to take someone else's gift of a garden gnome. I think he was a bit relieved because not everyone wants a garden gnome. It's something that has been on my wish list for a while but hadn't found one that was to my taste. Every garden should have one. Only one. More than that it can become, well, tacky. Although there are people out there who think even one is tacky. Yup, and corny and whimsical and silly and fun.
  I think my secret desire for a gnome was instilled in a trip to BC many years ago. My mom and I went to this house that was built without any straight lines. The roof curved in sweeping lines, the doors and windows were round. It was a true to life Smurf house. The gardens were spectacular. Throughout the grounds they had tastefully planted garden gnomes in various sizes and shapes. Next to the fairy tale house, they fit right in.
  I don't have any thing as elaborate as that but I do have a miniature wishing well that is begging for a gnome to sit beside it.
  It's nice to see the other people from the Richmond Hill centre, the employees who work in various other divisions of the Krasman organization as well as the board of directors. There are a quiet a few people I met while doing my training so it's nice to reconnect.
  We are starting to get organized for our gift assembly and production. We put together well over 600 gifts for people living in shelters and domiciliary hostels. They are small gifts of hats, scarves, or socks and personal toiletry items. Thankfully we have plenty of hands to help. Staff and visitors alike look forward to giving something back to the community.
  Isn't that what Christmas is all about anyways?
  "And she (Mary) will bring for a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus for He will save His people from their sins." Mat 1:19