Wednesday, 18 April 2018

I am Satisfied. Jeremiah 31:14

  "I will satiate the soul of the priests with abundance, and My people shall be satisfied with My goodness, says the Lord." NKJV
  "The priests will enjoy abundance, and my people will feast on my good gifts. I, the Lord, have spoken!" JCB

  Following yesterday's questioning post my friend, H, emailed me. She had delved into a book, Catholicism for Dummies, to try and help her gain a better understanding of sanctification as well. She shared the idea that sanctification is living through God's will for our lives with full co-operation on our part. This would mean accepting the divine grace of unconditional love amongst other things believers are called to be and do. Do and be?
  She then added that sanctification is both an attitude and an action.
  Being both and one is something I've come to understand is truly of God. Actions shape attitudes, attitudes shape actions. It's a circle encompassing mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

  Sanctification is being satiated with the presence, the goodness of God in all aspects of existence.
  It's the gift of having life abundant through the richness of God's presence, granted freely by faith in Jesus Christ.
  Even, or should I say, especially when the going gets tough.

  Satiated is being filled and being full. Another example where  two+One= 1
  It's the satisfaction found for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (Mathew 5:6). It's the satisfaction of obedience. It's the satisfaction of surrendering our lives to a higher purpose and calling.
  It's letting go and letting in.

  It's discerning and embracing the idea that wisdom and understanding can be found in all walks of faith.
  Lord, I am grateful for the inspired, bright yellow books in the "...for Dummies" series. They are seen throughout a book store on almost every non-fiction rack. They were a huge help when I was first diagnosed with PTSD and depression. The clear and simple language enabled me to grasp the fundamentals of what was happening in my mind and body.
  Thank You that exploring faith was on their topic list. Christianity for Dummies is on the same shelf.
  Thank You for pointing out the typo where I put the Christianity for Dummies on the "shame" shelf!


  1. I love the description of sanctification as being satiated with the presence of God! Well put.

    1. Thanks! Praise be to God! He truly fulfilled His promise that if we keep knocking, keep seeking, He will answer.