Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Enthusiasm by Susan L.

  I leapt out of bed this morning or perhaps it was Pumpkin pushing me out by demanding affection or maybe he wanted his breakfast. He must sense when I am half awake and feels the need to make sure I get up. NOW! Having him sit on my head and brush his face against my nose isn't conducive to falling back asleep.
  Then the mental hamsters joined in the party. The end is in sight for the deck but there's a few things that need thinking about. Like how to put the lattice under the stairs. There's nothing underneath to attach it to so...
  Would building a simple frame be strong enough? Would a two by four fastened to the stairs then the other end buried in the dirt be strong enough? Would it last?
  It seems like a lot of agonizing over such a little thing but there's several native critters who would be happy to make a home under the deck. Skunks and racoons are notorious for taking up residence in man made structures. The latter is preferable. Neither is better.
  I guess getting up early is also due to sheer excitement because everything is so close to being done.
  It was especially pleasing that almost all the railings got installed yesterday and I had exactly the right amount of finials. Not planned but a celebration of God's provision. There's only one small section left to install. It is where the upper deck meets the stairs so one of the posts is at a forty-five degree angle to the other. Got it worked out. I cut one of the railing ends at forty five degrees and will simply screw it to the post rather than using a bracket like on the other rails.
  I also got the first coat of stain on the deck. The lattice doesn't but I want to install it all before I get the roller out to stain it.
  Oh my goodness, the fingers are flying faster than the brain! Then the garden beds need to be built up, and thought about and planted. What bushes, what flowers, what arrangement?
  Whoa there girl! You're getting ahead of yourself.
  Haste can be dangerous. Don't rush the finishing. It will get done when it gets done.
  "Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a just man, and he will increase in learning." Prov 9:9

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