Saturday, 21 May 2016

Cough! Hack! Wheeze! by Susan L.

  I've been fighting this thing for three weeks now. It didn't stop the deck build but it's finally stopped me. A trip to the doctor's has me on a course of antibiotics and two types of inhalers to help loosen my lungs from the infection that moved in. More than anything I pray this will heal me. It would be hard to take another nine week cough like the one that took over earlier this year.
  But there is a plus side. (Thank You, Lord that there always seems to be one!) I seem to be super aware of the birds. Maybe it's because there's been a dire need to take a break more often during the physical demands of outside work. Despite accomplishing so much, I've been really sick. To my own detriment, I ignored the signs.
  Mrs. Oriole has decided to build a nest in the big, ole tree out front. It's fascinating to watch her weave what looks like a handbag attached to the branches. It takes several minutes for one string or piece of dried grass to be worked into place. I've only ever seen an oriole build a nest on a nature show so this is pretty cool! It helps that the tree is mostly dead now after the beating it took in the ice storm so there's a clear view to watch her work.
  I should look up what they like to build their nests from and see if I can contribute anything. Bits of string might be appreciated. A call to the township might be wise, too. The last thing I'd want is for the tree to be cut down while baby orioles are brewing.
  There's a lot of work to do. My load of topsoil arrived so there's that to tend to and the boardwalk is yet to be stained. Although I think opening the pond and getting the fountain pump in might come first. Mosquitoes love stagnant water and if it's left too long it becomes rather malodorous. That sounds a bit easier than shovelling dirt for today.
  But mostly, I think I'll simply sit in the sun. Or perhaps read a bit and let the heat bake some of the germs out of me. What a great way to spend the day!
  "The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eats little or much." Eccl 5:12

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