Sunday, 30 July 2017

I am Family Psalm 68:5 by Susan L.

  "A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation." NKJV
   I've only brought one Bible with me because I will be flying home from PEI and didn't want my suitcase to be overly heavy especially since my weighty laptop has come along.
  It's been a two and a half day journey along the Trans Canada Highway. One thousand, seven hundred and sixty eight kilometers later, we have successfully traversed roughly a quarter of Canada. Looking at a map, it's hard to fathom just how big the place is!
  The highway now bypasses Montreal and Quebec cities making it a quick passage through the province of Quebec. I must give thanks that the people at the hotel and restaurants spoke far better English than my dimly remembered grade nine French.
  Once past the cities, hours were spent winding through seemingly uninhabited boreal forests with glimpses of water to break up the stunning green carpet. Flashing lights and massive signs warned of moose being in the area.
  In many places the highway was protected by eight foot fences. We drove over tunnels that had been built for the wildlife to move freely from one side of the divided highway to the other. The only creature actually seen was a fox. It was as big as it got, praise God. Moose and car are not a good combination. At a hundred and twenty klicks, it's often lethal for both parties. That was New Brunswick until the divided highway ended at the PEI turnoff.
  Here it slowed down. The road was lined with quaint houses, farmland and small villages.
  I got to drive over the Confederation Bridge linking the island with mainland New Brunswick. It's a thirteen kilometer long bridge and an amazing feat of engineering that towers above the water. It was a thrill. The last time I was in PEI, it didn't exist.
  We arrived at the cottages to find that we'd been upgraded to one that had been fully upgraded less than six weeks ago. The only sign that it's an older building is the slight list to the floor in places. The front porch overlooks a harbour and fishing village in the distance. The view was an upgrade too!
  So how does this tie into family? I was with my Mom and step-dad happily doing most of the driving while they cat-napped. I am here because of my daughter's up coming wedding. I realize as well that we came into contact with many different types of people in all shapes and colours throughout our journey. Even the language barrier was really no barrier at all. Sign language worked when needed.
  Isn't that what God's family is made of? It surpasses genetic connections and reaches around the globe. As the verse says, He is a father of the fatherless.

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  1. The statement "I Am Family" reminds me that not only is God my Father, and others are my family, but that I am family to others. I can be there for them in times of need, and I am called upon to respect everyone as to family. It is a double blessing of giving and receiving.