Wednesday, 26 July 2017

I am Faithful. Revelation 17:14 by Susan L.

  "These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful." NKJV
  "Together they will go to war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will be defeat them because he is Lord of all lords and King of all kings. And his called and chosen and faithful ones will be with him." JCB

  This morning practice of exploring God's Word has been sorely missed. While time is limited today, every fibre of my being knew I needed to sit down and do this. So while the washing machine is doing its gurgling swish, there is time before I need to hit the road again.
  I feel a bit convicted by this passage today. Just before leaving for Hamilton again on Sunday, the pump in my pond stopped working. Having a grateful heart was the furthest thing from my mind. It felt like it was the last piece of overwhelm I could handle. It meant racing into town to find a new one, get it installed, then get on the road before the traffic heading south got too heavy.
  Or maybe I am being too hard on myself. I prayed the whole way down the road that one particular store close to home would have exactly what I needed. They did. Of course, they did.
  And even though my temper exploded in frustration, had I not gone to clean the filter before leaving, the broken pump would have gone unnoticed. Stagnant water is not good. The new pump has no filter. Yay! One less thing to have to do.
  I have done a lot of praying, muttering away as I have ran errands for my uncle, as we waited at the hospital for five hours for much needed tests. I've prayed as my patience grew thin, as the world started getting loud and tears of overwhelm would prick at my eyes in unfamiliar grocery stores.
  I prayed when waves of homesickness washed over me, when the dirt and constant noise of the city made me long for the lush green fields and woods of home. (It's amazing how quickly I forgot about the mosquitoes! Stagnant water is not good.)
  There were prayers to facilitate getting everything my uncle needed in place before I head out of province for the next ten days.
  They were all answered. Not only was everything my uncle needed set up, but everything I needed like getting a friend to stay and look after Pumpkin was perfectly timed. So maybe that's what this is about today.
  Many posts ago, I commented that even though these affirmations are meant to build and enforce Christ-like qualities in my life, they are also clear descriptions of who Jesus is.
  He is faithful.

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