Wednesday, 13 April 2016

For Thine is the Kingdom by Susan L.

  There’s something humbling and fantastical about those moments when we get what the Word is truly saying to us! Occasionally, those blessed moments of insight are as deep and as broad and as wide as the ocean.  It floods our entire being. My own words are most inadequate to describe how I feel as I begin to grow in the understanding of what it really means to be Christ’s bride.
  There is so much I want to say further to the comment I made after my last post. I  will repeat: this is about more than just speeding.
  Over the last few weeks, there have been many hours spent in quiet contemplation or merely resting in God’s presence. Every time I open the Bible it is with new eyes. Even familiar worship songs are being heard with new ears. There is love everywhere!
   “You are My bride. I am the Bridegroom” is sweeping away hurts I didn’t know I carried. There is new and tender growth in my soul.
 This greater understanding of His love is calling me to be better than I am in many ways. The speeding may be a little thing but if I don’t allow my Bridegroom to change my attitudes about the little things, I’ll never be the person He wants me to be.  We’ve also had a heart to heart about running yellow lights, parking longer than two hours in a designated zone and many other issues that, I believe, as a Christian, I am called not to do. It is about the sin that is in my life.
  I know that changes cannot happen without His help. I pray that I will be able to follow His lead. I pray He will help me make better choices.  In Jesus Most Precious Name, AMEN!
  "Say to Him, "Take away all iniquity; Receive us graciously, for we will offer the sacrifices of our lips." Hos 14:2