Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fluff and Feathers by Susan L

  There's an old wives tale that says when you see your first Robin of spring, what it is doing will forecast the year ahead. I saw two rather plump specimens sitting contentedly on my front lawn earlier this week. Their lack of motion supposedly means I'll have a quiet year. Had they been busy, it means a busy year. I've never really tested the theory. Life is pretty busy regardless of what the Robins say. I have no idea what seeing two means.
  I'm happy to see them! For us Canadians, it symbolizes that spring has finally arrived.
  Sometimes the males don't migrate. I don't know how they know the winter will be mild enough for them. That is a rare event, to see a flock of these beautiful, red breasted birds in the middle of January. Maybe environment Canada should hire them as forecasters. Human weather people don't seem to get it right as often as they should.
  It's nice to see the ducks and geese returning. The river and lake nearby are a stopping off point for many on their way farther up north. It's a lovely day today. Maybe after Church I'll take a walk through the park and see what's there.
  There's a few plants in my garden that get full sun. The crocuses are up beside the house, their flower buds filling out. It won't be long until they bloom. They began growing while there was still snow around them. It always amazes me how plants survive the bitter cold.
  The melting snow has also revealed a mountain of branches on the ground from the tree out front. Once the burn pit is uncovered, that's the first thing to tackle. I can't wait to be outside!
  "Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in abundance." Is 55:2

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