Friday, 13 February 2015

Art Auction by Susan L.

  There was a show on TVO last night about modern art. They showed bits of an auction being held at one of the more famous high-end auction houses. The prices being paid were staggering, numbering in the tens of millions of US dollars. All I could think was how much that money could have helped those less fortunate. It could have fed hundreds of needy mouths. It could have housed many homeless. It's a shocking amount of money spent so a person could have a piece of an artist hanging on their wall.
  Is this a status thing? A greed thing? An insecurity thing?
  Is this blog a jealousy thing?
  No. I don't think I'd like the responsibility or the publicity that comes with being so wealthy. Having paparazzi stalking every move, people pointing and staring if I was out shopping. If I showed up in public having a bad hair day, the most unflattering picture will be televised and mocked. Being barefoot and getting dirty working in the garden would be a social faux pas. It would put an end to taking the garbage out in my PJs...oh... I wouldn't put out my own garbage would I? I'd have staff to take care of that.
  Definitely not for me. I like my garden. And getting dirty because it feels so good to be cleaned up when a day's work is done. Amen! Hurry up Spring!!
  "A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, but to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet." Prov 27:7

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  1. I believe that if you came into that much money, you wouldn't be tempted to live that kind of lifestyle, and all those less-fortunate people would be less less-fortunate. When I imagine the possible result of riches in my life, I imagine all the good I could do.