Sunday, 10 November 2013

Slippery Slope by Susan L.

Every time I have done more training, my eyes and ears are opened to the slippery slope of judgements. It is so ingrained in us and our society, it's a difficult mind set to overcome. Even my well meant post on Facebook yesterday was a judgement. It was about Mr. Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, who was videoed smoking crack cocaine. After denying he'd done this for several weeks, he admitted a couple days ago to having smoked it. He said it had taken place in one if his "drunken stupors". Mr. Ford has been slammed by the media. Nightly talk shows have mocked him. Enough is enough! On Facebook, I called us Christians to pray for him, that he'd "get the help he needs". The media's judgemental statements are blatantly obvious. My comment is also terribly judgemental. First of all, I assumed Mr. Ford has a problem with alchohol. I assumed he would need help. I judged him a lesser man if he doesn't do the things I feel "right". I assumed his ability to so his job as mayor is impaired because of his choices. I denied him the right to make those choices. Assumption is the backside of judgement. Yes, I am sad about the situation. Mr. Ford appears to be a deeply troubled man. Who knows what haunts him, what drives him to drink himself into a stupor. Lord, he is Your child. Lead him where you see fit and bless him with the strength to follow. Amen. "Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips." PS 141:3

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  1. In Christ we are called to help our brothers and sisters. Sometimes that takes the shape of speaking truth to them when they are living in denial. You are very perceptive, to recognize how easily we judge. You are also very perceptive in understanding that sometimes we need help to get the help we need. Both prayer and words are probably called for to help Rob Ford.