Thursday, 1 August 2013

Too Short by Susan L.

The last three days raced by! I had a wonderful time. My eighteen month old granddaughter was far more receptive to my presence this time. Little arms giving little hugs = awesome × a gazillion! My three year old grandson and I shared many story times. He has a deep love of books and would spend hours hearing someone read to him. A Sesame Street book about the letter "L" left me tongue tired and tripping over pronunciations to both our amusement. His sister is a shoe diva. She had been given a sparkly pair which she showed to anyone and everyone. Watching her clomp around in Mommy's shoes as well brought a memory smile of my own children to my lips. There's a piece of me that wishes I had known a fraction of the parenting tools my son and his partner have at their fingertips. It is amazing how many words both children know in American Sign language that allows them to communicate their needs. Not so much my grandson any more who has an astounding vocabulary, but his sister can make her needs known with a simple gesture. They even taught me how to sign a few words. There is so much more going on in their little brains than we assuming adults give them credit for. I would have liked to have stayed another day but at the same time, the busy life of a young family is, well, busy! I am spoiled in my solitude. Pumpkin, the cat, gave me quite the welcome home and wouldn't let me out of his sight most of the night. It was a nice way to end a mini vacation. "Let the little children come to Me." Mk 10:14

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