Monday, 24 June 2013

Chatterbox by Susan L.

Goodness! My kitchen window is very dirty! I'm wondering, does that change how I view the world? A flood of cast aside negative core beliefs comes to mind. It's like the windows of my soul have been Windexed and polished so the Light could shine in. Okay. That was lame and corny. I'm trying too hard to write something this morning. That's why I was staring out the window. It's one thing to have a voice, it's another to fill space by talking for the sake of talking. Cricket. My dad called me that when I was little because I used to chatter and sing all day. Cute when you're four. Go-to-the-corner-school-unnacceptabe offence when you're five. Life, my marriage, silenced me. I suppose lifelong depression added its own gag. I'm glad I am rediscovering my voice. It's been punished long enough. "Open your mouth for the speechless in the cause of all who are appointed to die." Prov 31:8

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