Thursday, 19 January 2017

Quiet Day by Susan L.

  Between the mild ice storm that coated everything in a half inch of ice and the melting snow that freezes at night, the sidewalks in town are as slippery as a skating rink. It meant for a quiet day at work. Which was okay.
  I'd started creating a set of posters a while back but had forgotten all about them. They are our mission, vision and values statements. It would have been easy enough to only type them out so they could be posted for visitors to see but I wanted to make something pretty out of them. They have some elements like an illuminated manuscript. A simple, graphic, vine and floral panel runs down one side. The panel is painted in watercolour washes then outlined in coloured markers to give the artwork some punch.
  When they are done, I'll make some photocopies for the other centres to have. It might be wise to only hang a copy at ours as well so the original artwork is kept safe. Copies only cost pennies at the local copy store. The final product would also have a glossy finish. This will make them stand out even more.
  It's a pleasure to be able to utilize my creativity as part of my job. Making these posters doesn't even feel like work!
  I also switched the rugs at the front door around. There was one that had a curled corner creating a tripping hazard. As the health and safety rep, I am all about injury prevention. My boss had no idea she was creating a monster when she gave me this role as part of my job.
  I asked her to buy a new, double-stepped, stepladder for the kitchen: one with a handle to hold on to. The old one was a rickety, ancient (probably from the 1950's), wobbly, falling hazard that had more dents and dings than a bumper car! Seeing as our kitchen cupboards are hung unusually high and most of the staff is short, a decent step ladder was a necessity. The new one is a Cadillac version designed with the latest anti-slip, anti-fall technology. It cost about $20 on sale but it is priceless.
  There are many places in this world where worker safety is ignored. Job scarcity means employers can dictate working conditions. Poverty breeds desperation.
  The belief is that when less is spent on injury prevention, the greater the bottom line. This is a fallacy.
  How much does safety cost? It could be a few moments of time spent training and teaching awareness. Diligence has no detrimental financial impact. It could mean providing safety equipment like ear plugs or safety glasses that cost pennies.
 To those employers who put their workers at risk: safety improves the bottom line.
 To those employers who treat their workers with utter disregard, did you know an employer who looks after their employees gains an enthusiastic, dedicated team? Production increases. Quality increases. Cost saving ideas are shared. Staff wants the business to succeed.
  With that sort of support, a business can't do anything but grow.
  "For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win the more." 1 Cor 9:19

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