Saturday, 21 January 2017

Day Trip by Susan L.

  I'll be going to see my new grand-daughter today for the first time.
  It hit me yesterday with a bit of a shock that my baby has a baby! It seems like only yesterday that he was toddling around and getting into mischief. The mischief part is still around.
  Hmmm. I guess this means I am getting old(er)!
  I've done some knitting for the new arrival. A baby sweater takes about as much time as knitting a couple pair of mittens and oh, my goodness, booties have to be the cutest thing on the planet! I saw a pattern for a teddy bear hoodie, complete with bear ears that I'd love try.
  It's not something I did for my other grandchildren when they were babies because they lived in New Zealand. Oh. Right. I didn't know how to knit either.
  My ex mother-in-law was a copious knitter. The click-click of her needles was a constant background noise during the years she lived with us. A sweater for the boys was whipped up in no time. She's gone now but I would have liked to have asked her why she never knit anything for the girls.
  Before my aunt passed away, she gave me a couple of baby quilts for the time when little ones would begin arriving. When I pulled one out of the old dresser last night, fond memories came to mind.
  There's something special about hand made.
  I also have a couple of thick flannel sheets, the kind that are always too short for the bed. They have been washed a gazillion times and are soft and cozy. Someone gave me the idea to cut them up for receiving blankets. It's always handy to have something to drape over a shoulder come baby burping time. Just in case.
  I'm bringing my phone to take lots 'n lots of pictures!
  "The Lord has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom rules over all." Ps 103:19

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