Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Working Solutions by Susan L.

  It might have been prudent to have done some show shovelling last night. We got the first big storm of this entire winter so there's a whack of work to do before I can get the car out. The Hump is especially large so there's no way to simply force my way through without getting stuck. It's only about a foot of snow, light and powdery. Easy peasy.
  As the storm raged, I put together two more pair of fingerless mitts. They are a great way to use up bits of yarn. I found out yesterday that the centre's funding has been cut for the annual Christmas gift drive. That means having to rely on donations even more. The mitts are going towards that cause.
  I use a deep stainless steel colander to hold the ball of wool so it doesn't roll all over the place. As long as the yarn isn't balled, there's no interference from Pumpkin. As soon as it's in a ball, it's fair game. I've had to chase after him a couple of times and rewind wool that stretches from the fish tank to under my bed and around a kitchen chair. Not impressed. Good thing my house is small!
  To the left is a bag of cat torture. He can see the balls but he can't get them! Na-nana-na-naa-na!
  Pumpkin sat and stared at me with a reproachful glare after taking yet another ball of yarn away from him. He's a master of the guilt trip. To keep the peace, I knit him his own woolly ball and stuffed it with plastic bags to make it crinkle. It's big enough it doesn't go under the furniture, about the size of a baseball.
  It was knit like a baseball. Two pieces in an hourglass shape were overlapped and sewn together.
  He was absolutely delighted.
  Thank You, Lord for providing an ingenious solution.
 Proverbs talk of living with contentious wives, it says nothing about cats!
  "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all." Ps 34:19


  1. Sometimes I wish I could be more like a cat, contented with simple things. Thanks for the smile. I'm sure Pumpkin loves his knit ball. Beware though, remember cats are like two year olds - what is theirs is theirs and what is yours is theirs!! ha ha I certainly admire all your abilities to do all these various projects. Makes me jealous, in a nice way. I'm glad I'm not the only one starting now on Christmas projects!!! Enjoy.