Friday, 6 February 2015

Home Sweet Home by Susan L.

  The three and a half hour drives to and from Sarnia were uneventful. I arrived there Sunday just as a snow storm was blew in. It dumped about a foot of fluffy white which made the sunny drive home stunning. Everything was covered by a pristine, glistening blanket. It amused me and helped pass the time as I drove to notice the animal tracks marring its surface. It would appear there are plenty of deer and rabbit and possibly coyote or fox who seek shelter in the bushy areas the road passes through.
  Most of my time away was spent babysitting. My two grandchildren were not well. They are both struggling with upper respiratory infections. My granddaughter slept the first two days pretty much solid. It's hard when the little ones aren't well and there's nothing much to do for them. I'd forgotten how quickly children bounce back once antibiotics kick in. She was almost herself yesterday. Her brother was about to start a second course of medicine because he was still struggling to beat his.
  Thank You, Lord, for these medicines.
  Me being there meant my son was free to work on the house while his wife was able to go to work. I did manage a few hours over there on Wednesday, painting the inside of the kitchen cupboards. Oh, and I helped with some show removal on Monday via a snow blower. Aren't they a great invention! Gotta get me one of those. Maybe next year!
  Telling stories, reading books, and playing with Play-doh was a whole lot more fun!
  I was blessed with a good story that needs to be written down. My granddaughter listened to the bare bones of it, utterly enthralled, as I made up a tale about a boy who lost his lucky socks. When a three year old gives you her full attention, even without illustrations, that's a sign it's a good one.
  I'm not too sure about her reception of the brick story. She wasn't really that well. Her brother was quite taken with it though and asked me a few times if the story was real. I assured him the next time they came for a visit, I'd show them the brick with the cat paw print in it.
  Pumpkin was glad to see me and needed a good whack of fuzzy love. He's not too keen on the static electricity in his fur that shocks us both and crackles as I pat him. I wonder if there's fabric softener for fur...
  "And the heavens will praise Your wonders, O Lord; Your faithfulness also in the assembly of the saints." Ps 89:5


  1. Sounds like you were a real blessing to your son and his family. As to Pumpkin, you can use dryer sheets to wipe the cat down. They will not hurt cats.

    1. Pumpkin thanks you from the bottom of his furry heart. The dryer sheets made a huge difference!!