Saturday, 13 December 2014

Reconnected by Susan L.

  I went years without internet or a cell phone but when my phone decided to act up last week, it surprised me how much I missed it. It's my lifeline to the internet. Thankfully it was only the USB cord that needed replacing and not the entire phone so now I am back in business.
  And I am having a hard time concentrating this morning. Too much on the brain because my family Christmas celebration is next Saturday and there's a heap of things that need to be done.
  I work Monday all day. This year my co-worker and myself will be delivering packages to the Northern Half of York Region. Every year the Krasman Centre makes up gifts for people living in shelters and domiciles in that area. This year we made up 560 gifts with items like socks, hats, mitts and scarves (a lot donated by the Knitter's Guild), new toiletries and so forth. The majority of the recipients are men. They tend to get forgotten about. It makes me happy to be part of this opportunity to give back because our little package is often the only gift they receive.
  I haven't done the delivery run before and I am sure it will open my eyes when I see how some people live. In saying that, my heart has been filled with gratitude lately because of how rich I am in so many ways. It's not just financially although many would ask how living near the poverty line could be rich. I have ample to live on, to pay my bills, to run a car, to heat my home, to buy food, and occasionally a treat or two.
  My wealth lay in family and friends and in my job of serving others.
  My mental health has been stable now for several months. That alone is priceless. I have the physical strength to shovel my driveway even if it left me aching and tired for a couple of days! We had quite the dumping of snow this week but I can afford the Tylenol to ease those pains and have a bathtub to fill with hot water.
  Yup, my innards are all gushy thinking about all these blessings and more but I am going to close to with a thought to ponder. We are great supporters of food banks to help those in need. Thank God they are there. They serve a much needed group in our population, the 14% of Canadians who are living in abject poverty. Here's the thought: before donating that box of Kraft Dinner, remember those who would receive it rarely have the milk or butter needed to make it with.
  "I will mention the lovingkindesses of the Lord and the praises of the Lord, according to all that the Lord has bestowed on us." Is 63:7


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