Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sidetracked by Susan L.

  The sled coffee table hasn't been started yet. I got sidetracked by the fact Christmas isn't too far away. Especially since we celebrate it a week or so before the 25th. My kids and I do a home made gift exchange rather than purchasing our gifts. It takes a bit more time but means a whole lot more to all of us. Socks are usually the only thing I buy for them, part of a long standing joke began as children when they would ask what they were getting for Christmas. My pat response was "socks".
  So instead of building the table, I've started painting a wooden trunk my dad made years ago. It's for my grandchildren. It's their very own Tickle Trunk, an idea from the old TV show "Mr. Dressup". It's meant for costumes and articles of clothing that let the imagination fly. I did buy a few fun items to add to their own collection of things courtesy of the Halloween selection at the Dollar Store. I can't very well give them an empty box!
  I was thinking of calling it an Adventure Box instead. I might even write a story for them about it...we'll see. Maybe for my grand-daughter's birthday in January. The painting is going to take some time with a triangle, quilt pattern decorating the top and checkerboard sides in a variety of colours. It's one of those paint jobs when watching paint dry is crucial or I will end up making a mess.
  I've three of these boxes. My dad built them years ago to hold his power tools when we moved up from down east. They're made of plywood, nothing fancy, but a coat of paint makes them lovely. One is already used as a toy box/coffee table. The other two were in the basement empty and forlorn. I am glad to put them to good use.
  There's one challenge. How to get the locking hasp off of it. A safety concern with small children. I wouldn't want one of them trapped inside. The issue is that the existing layers of paint make the screws...well... unscrewable. Hmmm, I could take a hacksaw to the metal loop the tongue goes over and create a handle using the existing hardware. That would work. I love it when a problem is solved so easily!
  "I will both lie down in peace and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Ps 4:8

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  1. Something else you might want to consider is some sort of interior hinge or mechanism to keep the lid open once it's open. I had a toy box with a lid for my kids when they were little (I think it was a clothes hamper), and I remember many times the lid came crashing down on, or narrowly missing, my kids fingers. Just another safety measure.