Friday, 3 October 2014

Value by Susan L.

  So often we measure ourselves by what we do. Often what we do belies a hidden talent or ability or something, a gift, that is an innate part of who we are. An anonymous reader commented on yesterdays blog, "Trial and Error", that their organizational skills had never been acknowledged as a gift. Oh, my goodness, is it ever!
  Organizers keep the trains, planes and automobiles running on time. Without them to keep us rather scatterbrained come-what-may humans organized, nothing would ever get done. Huge companies or small companies would disintegrate in a chaos of paper and bytes. Countless valuable records would be lost. The education system would collapse. Grocery stores would lay empty as would every other factory on the planet. Books would never get written or published. Music, the organization of notes, wouldn't exist. You get the idea.
  I think the hardest part of acknowledging our giftings is because most of the time it is something we do effortlessly, that is part of our identity's makeup. We don't see them as being special in our own eyes and run on the assumption that they are something everyone does. But in God's eyes, they are miracles of His creation who He blessed at birth with skills and abilities uniquely our own:
  Attitude, analysis and adapting.
  Baking, bearing and becoming.
  Conversation, calming and changing.
  Determination, dedicated and delightful.
  Encouraging, early and efficient.
  Fatherhood, faithful and fun.
  Generosity, genuine and grace full.
  Health, hockey and humour.
  Insight, idiosyncrasies and identity.
  Jokes, juggling and joy.
  Knitting, kindness, and knowledge.
  Laughing, leading and loving .
  Medicine, maternity and melody.
  Noodle making, noble and nursing.
  Organization. (For you my anonymous friend from one who struggles to keep her ducks in a row.)
  Politics, passion and persistence.
  Quiet, questioning and quirky.
  Restoration, receptive and resiliency.
  Smile, scientific, and sacrificing.
  Thoughtful, teaching and trusting.
  Understanding, unusual and upright.
  Visionary, volunteering and voice.
  Whimsy, warm and willing.
  Excitement. (Had to cheat.)
  Yielding, yearning and yodelling.
  Zest, zeal and...all I can think of is zebra, I'll leave you to work out how that is a gift!
  "Before I (God) formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations." Jer 1:5

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