Thursday, 2 October 2014

Trial and Error by Susan L.

  Someone who hasn't known me for very long asked me yesterday if there was anything I couldn't do. They had watched me do a small acrylic painting as a study for a larger piece. It's not the first time that question has been tossed my way. I smiled and said I draw the line at using a chain saw. (They terrify the pants off me!) It's comments like that which just might give me a swelled head.
  Few people see the mistakes, the practice runs, the hours spent honing the gifts the Lord gave me in creative expression.
  Nobody sees the massive number of typos or the number of times I have to back space, or cut and copy, when doing my blog. Nobody sees the hand written draft pages with lines crossed out, words changed or the pile of scrunched up paper cast aside as the search for a story evolves.
  Nobody sees the hours and hours spent honing my artistic skills. There are many quiet moments spent simply looking at things so I can paint or draw imaginary landscapes better. Eraser crumb evidence piles up on the table and floor before a drawing is completed. There are some pretty awful paintings in my cupboard. I haven't the heart to throw them away. They represent an evolution in ability.
  I've had to tear up hours of knitting. Stitches have to be picked out and redone on the crazy quilts that are such a joy for me to make by hand. I can't sew a straight line using my sewing machine. (Could use some practice there.)
  Nobody hears the wrong notes on the piano as a new piece is mastered in the privacy of my own home. I've been practicing nearly all my life to be able to play both the organ and the piano. (Oh, how I hated doing scales!) Adding expression was nearly impossible for me until the Lord set me free from life long Dysthymia. It's a low grade, chronic form of depression that wraps emotions in a wool blanket. Now my heart sings the music and it is a joy for me to play just for Him.
  We are not to envy others' gifts and talents that come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. It could be faith, or mathematics, cooking, putting people at ease, remembering names and dates, or umpteen million other abilities that are uniquely our own. They should be celebrated because it takes determination, dedication and perseverance for them to bloom.
  "Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Cor 10:31


  1. Sometimes people only see what they want to see. Ex: "You are so organized." As pointed out in your blog - it really is just hard work. I just keep on doing it. Often a compliment is a veiled attempt at manipulation. What they are really saying is "you do it". Anyone can be organized - I haven't seen it mentiond on any gifting list...ha ha.

  2. The "gifting" of being organized is when you actually enjoy doing it! If it doesn't feel like work, if you get energized by doing something, then it's a gift.