Friday, 17 October 2014

Humbled By It All by Susan L.

  When this little blog venture was started, it was without any sort of game plan or agenda. Typical of who I am, I simply jumped right in. The Lord has proven faithful every morning that the laptop has been opened. He has given me something to write about.
  This will be my 660th post. I've had nearly twenty thousand hits from around the world. Blogger keeps the stats for me. It has a map of the world showing the countries where visitors to this site are from. I am in awe that there are visitors from as far away as Russia and Indonesia. It truly is a global village.
  Ten years ago next month began the journey that included finding my voice; one that was buried deep in confusion, despair and depression. I remember a friend blessing me, saying, "You have a voice and it's worth listening to."
  I didn't believe her but the Lord has forgiven me my doubt.
  The first thing the Lord did for me when I accepted Christ as my Saviour was to call me to the drafting table, to the art. The dialog began between Him and I began with painting the music. I cranked the classical music I enjoy so much as loud as I could and began listening with my eyes. Swirls of watercolour, tentative at first, soon became free.
  It quickly evolved into images, into a dialog of pictures that has been so crucial to my wellness. Words have often failed me but the art hasn't although it did take some practice to set my own agenda aside as to what the image should look like.
  I realize now that this part of my reclamation began with an audience of One. God could hear my voice and He was listening. The art enables me to hear Him as well as the Holy Spirit guides my pen or brush or pencil or scissors...or, now I can say, this morning ritual with the keyboard.
  As much as this blog is on public display, it's really an ongoing conversation with God.
  So, thank you, gentle readers, I am truly honored and inspired by the affirmation you provide in taking a peek at what I have to say. God bless you all.
  "The eyes of those who see will not dim, and the ears of those who hear will listen." Is 32:3

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