Sunday, 21 September 2014

Life Stories by Susan L.

  I ended up enjoying myself at the pot luck dinner even when the roomful of ladies got rather noisy at times. The food was superb although I ended up taking home a whack of pasta salad. I simply made too much. Guess what I'll be having for dinner.
  After the feast we played a couple of games and listened to two testimonies. Because of where I work, I hear a lot of terribly sad and often shocking stories. It does my heart good to hear of someone who has a good life, a blessed life. Someone who walked with Jesus for as long as they can remember. Yes they had a few challenges, don't we all, but God has spared them the worst of what men and women can do to hurt each other.
  The second testimony was from a woman I had only seen at church. We have a lot in common. We share similar struggles with mental health. God has redeemed those challenges. Her life experience and schooling has enabled her to work as an addictions councillor just as God has used my life so I can work in peer support.
  The ladies are talking about having secret sisters. It means exchanging names, addresses and birth dates with a random woman in the church. The point is to send them encouraging notes, pray for them, reach out to them without revealing your identity. It's a nice thought but I'm not too big on the idea. I'd sooner get to know someone face to face.
  I am terribly reluctant to "sign up". Again, is this a fear? It's a monumental commitment that even thinking about turns my stomach into knots. What happens if I am unable to continue? I've had hiccups in my wellness that have made it necessary to pare back extracurricular activities. This is a responsibility I don't feel I am up to.
  I don't like secrets of any sort either.
  Thank You, Lord. It's okay to say no. I don't need to explain myself or justify my actions.
  "For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known." Lk 12:2

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  1. I think you have a very valid point, that getting to know each other is more valuable than receiving anonymous birthday cards or encouragement, etc. Perhaps you should pass along your insight to the team leader? A "prayer partner" would be more faith-building than a "secret sister". But even so, that would require a great deal of commitment that you might not feel up to - and don't worry about saying No. We have to trust the Lord's leading in our lives in these things, and our gut feeling is often the truth of whether something is right for us. But there are times and seasons in life, and what you can't do now, you may someday be available for... God will make that clear.