Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Force of Habit by Susan L.

  It was one of those slow motion kind of mistakes. I got out of my car, not needing my keys or needing to lock it but habit took over. My finger had a mind of its own. The thunk of the locks, normally a reassuring sound, created an impending feeling of doom even though it didn't register in my conscious that I'd hit the button until the door closed behind me.
 The keys were dangling in the ignition. The windows were rolled up tight.
  It was a fifty dollar mistake. (That price has really gone up! Last time it was only twenty! Yes, much to my embarrassment, there was a last time...) I had to pay a tow truck driver to break into my car. He had this cool inflatable wedge in his arsenal of break and enter tools that cracked the door wide enough for him to slip a metal rod inside. Pressing the button that pops the locks only took a matter of minutes.
  On top of that, I had to borrow the money because I'd also, in a fog of Monday blur, left my purse at home. That is something that rarely happens.
  I avoided sharp objects for the rest of the day.
  Force of habit can sure get us into trouble can't it? Although I am rather amused this morning by yesterday's events. There's not much sense in getting worked up over it. It happened, I may as well have a bit of a laugh at myself.
  "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness." Mat 6:33


  1. Yesterday one of my co-workers had to call the office and take a vacation day because she had left her lights on all weekend at a remote northern cottage, and killed her battery. Fortunately she was helped on site by a relative of a friend so didn't need a tow, but it cost her a battery, a day's vacation, and a night alone in a remote cottage.

    Personally, I like CAA for this reason. At under $100 a year it's good insurance and gives me peace of mind (worth more than $100!).

  2. The thought has crossed my mind to get CAA. Right now it feels like I'd be shutting the barn door! :)