Saturday, 14 December 2013

Before the Snow by Susan L.

  I am off to my son's shortly for a couple of days. It's our family Christmas celebration today. The weather forecasters are calling for snow, ten to fifteen centimeters or more, which isn't that much but my route takes me through a fair bit of open farmland. The winds could be fierce which means visibility might not be that great. I admit I am a bit worried but not enough for me to cancel going. The car has snow tires and four wheel drive should it be needed. I hope to get there ahead of the worst of it anyways although a three and a half hour drive on a good day might end up being a long haul.
  Yes, I'll do all the Canadian smart things like packing snow pants and a heavy coat, hat and extra mitts as well just in case something happens. I'll throw in a blanket, too. Hmmm, it's a good excuse to take some chocolate! I have a candle. Apparently in emergencies it can heat up the car quite nicely. I've just used it as an air freshener in the summer, the baking heat releases its scent.
  I've got to go get ready: do the dishes then pack up my suitcase and the car. God willing, I'll be back in a couple of days. To any other travellers out there, may you have a safe and blessed journey.
 "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." Ps 119:105

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