Monday, 9 December 2013

Aloneness by Susan L.

   This is the one of the times in the year when living on my own becomes a bit of a struggle. The long nights seem to go on forever before it's time for bed. Not that I am prepared to go actively hunting for a partner on the internet or some dating site. I much prefer to leave this in God's hands. The who, when and if are all up to Him. But like I said, I get lonely sometimes.
  It strikes when there's a mountain of garden work. It touches my heart when the snow is a foot and a half thick on the driveway and I've already shovelled it once. Mealtimes, when I have a cold, or just admiring the view out the kitchen window all stir up the sense of aloneness.  It would be nice to turn to someone and say, "Hey! Look at that!"
  It would be great to share a laugh at the cat who thoroughly enjoys watching nature programs on  TV; the hunter in him stirred up by scurrying images.
   It's there when I sit by myself on the patio in the summer after the grass is cut and the flowerbeds are weeded enjoying a cup of coffee.
  It's hard not to have companionship when the Lord does a major housecleaning. I've often called a friend when things get stirred up just to hear a living, breathing person say, "It's all going to be okay." but that's becoming a rare event as I am becoming well.
  It's the everyday, the mundane events that make me wish for companionship.
  Now I've had my pity party, here's the truth of the situation. I have good friends. I have my faith. God is with me in the mundane and loves to hear of my delight in His creations. As for the snow, the singing birds accompany me or the stars light up the night. Pumpkin's purring presence on my lap comforts me, too. My Lord is with me in all these things. Do I really need anything more?
  "For He is our God, and we are the people of His pasture, the sheep of His hand." Ps 95:7

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