Monday, 6 November 2017

I am Joyful. Philippieans 4:4 by Susan L.

  "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!" NKJV
  "Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again--rejoice!" JCB

  Freedom comes one small step at a time. A word, an idea, a whisper comes along that releases something good, something God predestined to be part of a life on this earth.
  I went to the symphony yesterday. It was the first concert of the season and was absolutely amazing. The guest violinist was above and beyond masterful. The music soothed my soul despite the hectic, race-against-the-clock drive down hampered by rain, accidents and construction.
  I am still filled with peace this morning. A wonderful break from the anxiety!
  Between performances, the conductor usually shares a bit about the composer and the music. It adds a rich dimension to each piece. One short piece was introduced as being a "note poem". The words leapt into my heart.
  It's like that moment when I read about painting landscapes, that it isn't about duplicating the exact image but rather capturing the essence of the scenery, the place, the feelings evoked by being there.
  I was given an understanding about what my own small forays into music composition actually are. I compose note poems to capture the essence of a feeling, a place, an event. Just like in a painting. No words required.
  They are nothing like what the masters create. They are for piano, not an orchestra. My skills and abilities fall far short of creating symphonies.
  It doesn't matter because in everything I create, be it bedside tables, a sweater, a painting or a song, the joy is in the creation and the satisfaction of a finished product even if it isn't perfect. All of it is a celebration of the gifts and skills God has seen fit to provide me with.
  And I have to smile. Why is it I expect perfection in the other aspects of my life? Where is the joy I find in making sawdust?


  Creating honours my Creator. I approach making the things I create with a joyful heart.

 This is a paradigm shift moment in my thinking.
  Service honours the Servant. Kindness, grace and compassion honours the sacrifice my Lord made for me, for us.
  I have, want, to make this part of my life in the everyday so that work honours God, relationships honour God, emotions, thoughts, ideas, actions...the whole kit and caboodle becomes God honouring.
  Yes, I won't get it right every time. Yes, my imperfections will show up. Yes, there will be set-backs and trials and worries and sorrow. That's okay, too, because I am never, ever alone.
  Christ is my Joy.

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