Monday, 19 June 2017

Route 66 by Susan L.

  I am continually with God. Psalm 73:23

  "Nevertheless, I am continually with You. You will hold me by my right hand." NKJ
  "Yet, I still belong to You; You hold my right hand." JCB

  Route 66 is the original highway that cuts through the US from coast to coast. It's long been replaced by major, four lane highways or toll roads and is mostly forgotten except to the locals. This affirmation, #66, reminds me that God is the route I've chosen and even if I wander off, His road is always before me. It is free to travel, too! It's even better because His path stretches for miles behind me. I only had to look through the rear view mirror to see where His hand touched my life time and again.
  David wrote this Psalm when he was feeling bitter and envious because of how people who mocked God were prospering and seemed to be living a life of ease. He couldn't figure out why. He momentarily laments his life of faith and dedication. God spoke to him in the sanctuary and explained how He had these people in His sights, that their final destiny was not a good one.
  Then came Jesus who has them in His sights, too. He has redemption planned for everyone and anyone who turns to Him.
  Yet, I have to wonder, are those who prosper without knowing God truly happy? I know I wasn't. All the wealth I once had was like Paul's thorn in my side because of the personal cost, the life I lived trapped by lies. Thank You, Lord for Your limitless grace and forgiveness. Thank You even more for setting me free.

  This has taken me a lot longer to write this morning because I keep getting distracted watching a crew with a tall boom truck take down the massive black willow in my front yard. Between age and the ice storm two years ago, it was a scraggly looking thing that threatened to come down on its own. The power lines were in its path and at risk of getting pulled down with it if it fell. I've waited three years for them to come courtesy of the township. The rest, a threat to the house and my neighbours house, was taken down then because that half was on my property not the township's so therefore it was my responsibility.
  A tree that has taken fifty years to grow is being demolished in a few hours by a team of accomplished woodsmen. A tree that has taken fifty years to grow will provide my neighbours with firewood aplenty.
  Seeing it down has made me realized how subconsciously worried I was that it could fall on its own.

  I am happy it's done. 
  I am happy to be on a journey with Jesus so that watching professional woodsmen has me delighted because I can relate it to my walk with Him. The rotten stuff is being clear cut right out of my life. None of it will remain standing.
  "But it is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all Your works." Ps 73:28



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