Thursday, 17 March 2016

Rip 'er Out by Susan L.

  With not too much dithering about yesterday's decision making options, choice one won. In a frenzy of yarn ball making, the fancy knitted pattern that made the sweater too small quickly unravelled. I am not overly disappointed because experimenting and the inevitable do-overs only increases my knowledge. It was also decidedly amusing watching Pumpkin watch the process. He really has a thing for yarn...but then, he is a cat!
  The afternoon was spent downstairs in the workshop. The display table has a start, at least the drawers do. The pieces are all cut except for the bottoms. The sides have a groove routered in them so the base is supported all the way around. A first attempt at finger joints isn't all that pretty but at least the corners meet flush and squarely. That's a huge victory! Anyways, a good sanding followed by a painted finish will hide a multitude of imperfections.
  A lack of wood glue stopped me at that point.
  A I puttered away, it dawned on me that there's such a thing as a healthy fear. Using the various power saws and tools is approached with respect for the damage they could do in a moment of inattention. A single slip could result in a lost finger. Even the pointy ends of the knitting needles are treated with care. An eye is a precious thing. Being safe is a priority no matter what I am doing.  
  Perhaps not having any glue was a good thing because by that time I was tired. Fatigue and dangerous equipment do not go well together.
  The doing of things has never been an issue. Knowing when to stop is another matter altogether.
  "Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches." Prov 24:3-4


  1. Your comment " The doing of things has never been an issue. Knowing when to stop is another matter altogether." made me smile. I hurt my back in October just reaching for that last 2 feet of drape tops while holding up a vacuum and stretching the wand...just 2 more feet! They physiotherapist said that is when most injuries happen. You know you are tired, but just a bit more. You are tired, but just one more run skiing. The physio said that the injuries usually happen then! Wisdom shown on your part!!

    1. I give all the credit to God for making sure there wasn't any glue!