Monday, 22 February 2016

Ideas by Susan L.

  Quite some time ago a friend mentioned that I probably had more than enough material to create and publish a devotional via my blog. Yesterday in church, the sermon was about fulfilling God sized dreams. In a spate of frantically scribbled inspiration, an idea took form.
  As a Christian, I struggled with my, and I hate to use the word, illnesses because of my own religious prejudices. As a Christian, I know there aren't faith based resources specifically aimed at mental health. It is one of the great "not-talked-abouts". Thankfully that is slowly changing.
   I know from experience larger devotionals were rather daunting when I wasn't feeling well. A large devotional is a rather daunting project for me to take on.
  So, here's the thought: small devotionals focusing on various mental health challenges. Each one could contain various sections relating to topics such as finding hope or grace or coming to terms. I wouldn't hesitate to put a small chapter in to offer comfort in the midst of suicidal ideology. It is often the result of medication issues and more prevalent than we think. In place of all the writing, there could be a few simple, pen and ink, illustrations to meditate on or even colour, seeing as that is all the rage right now. It could also contain writings in the traditional devotional format. (That needs more research.)
  Perhaps they may be a key to unlocking an honest dialog with God about what is happening.
  There's a whole whack of questions regarding how to go about this. I'd hate to do my usual jump in and find the entire project fizzles after a short while. I think I need to view this as an exercise in gratitude as opposed to a work project. Gratitude that the Lord has unlocked the gifts to make this possible. Gratitude that I have been through everything I have been through because now those experiences can hopefully help someone else. Gratitude that I can speak with other published authors and find out more about what that looks like or how to make it happen.
  Help me, Lord, see this through. Help me Lord, find the stamina and patience to take it slowly and methodically. Lord, I ask that doors be opened. In Jesus' name, Amen!
  "Therefore the law was out tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith." Gal 3:24


  1. Do you subscribe or read "Our Daily Bread"? is the address. It is a daily thought with a link to an appropriate bible reading and there is a link to read the entire bible in a year. If you haven't seen it before, it might give you some more ideas for setting up what you envision.

  2. A thought...what about a weekly devotional. As you know, those fighting mental health issues have a hard time tackling large bits of info. Even holding the book with 365 days of reading can be daunting. Yet, if you picked a weekly theme that perhaps spread across 2 pages with words, thoughts, a verse and some artwork (appeal to all learning styles and abilities) that may fit the bill. You could always do a resource page or two at the back linking to verses or even websites that offer help for particular areas, like suicide, depression, etc... For you and for your potential readers, 52 well done bite-sized yet rich devotionals may work. Again, just a thought.