Thursday, 3 October 2013

Waterproof by Susan L.

There's an old saying about not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I suppose that's because in doing so its age and health are revealed. I confess the aquarium needed to be tested. It is filled up outside to make sure the corner seals are sound. They are. It's better to have learned that outside than discovering the opposite was true in the house. Thirty-five gallons would make a huge mess in the living room for sure! Part of me is chuckling at my disbelief about this gift being too good to be true. What's with that? Is there a giant whack of Doubting Thomas in my heart? Is it because of some hidden belief residing deep within that I feel I don't deserve the very best? Maybe that and maybe more. God knows. I lay these questions at Your feet, my Lord. "For what man knows the things of man but the spirit of man which is in him? Even do no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God." 1 Cor 2:11

1 comment:

  1. Sounds to me like you have a generous amount of common sense... God gave us a brain for a reason, and filling an untested 35 gallon aquarium in the living room wouldn't have been too smart. :)