Friday, 11 October 2013

Change of Seasons by Susan L.

The Canada geese are noisily gathering at the lake across the road. More and more come each day. Sometimes they fly so low overhead you can hear the wind whistling through their wings. I was rather restless so I went outside to stargaze and listen to them chatter, catching up on all the news. It was a beautiful night with an autumn nip in the air. Sleep evaded me for a long while. I tossed around most of the night. Pumpkin had to duck and dodge more than a few times. It doesn't surprise me. Yesterday was a momentous day. A big decision day. I regularly doubt my abilities to make the right choice in little decisions. A big one creates quite the stir in my heart and soul. I know it was the right thing, to no longer see my therapist. My head has a habit of getting in the way. Silly head! "I will run the course of Your commandments, for You shall enlarge my heart." Ps 119:32

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