Thursday, 25 July 2013

Redirection by Susan L.

Yesterday's therapy session was an opportunity for me to debrief about all I'd learned over the last month. Life lessons, faith lessons were solidified. There were a lot what with the kitten, the AGM speech, and the power failure. The best part of these sometimes not-so-gentle lessons is being able to surrender to the Lord the things I no longer need to hang on to. It just dawned on me why surrender is such a difficult concept for me. Typically on the battlefield, the one who surrenders has been defeated; has failed to achieve victory. That is a very human perspective isn't it? Surrender, in a faith sense, is synonymous with sacrifice. It is admitting we can't go it alone but need the Lord thus sacrificing our pride on the cross. Surrender is like throwing open a once painted shut window and letting the fresh air in. I've written all of this but maybe I'm missing something. In my search for today's scripture I have discovered the word "surrender" is not in my concordance and therefore not in the Bible. Offer/offers/ offered/offering/offerings take up page after page. I like that. These words represent true victory. They are words of love. "O God of my salvation." Ps 27:9

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