Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Speed Bumps by Susan L.

Yesterday was emotionally intense. I worked on my story and later met with my psychiatrist. He had the paperwork filled out that I needed for the government. He's a great doctor but because he's so busy, it has taken a couple of months to get it ready. That's okay. The parts I had to fill out had me very overwhelmed. Getting his gave me the incentive to do mine. Like I said, intense. It's tough writing out your challenges. When I read his part it drove home the fact that without medication who knows where I'd be. Definitely not blogging or sleeping, or paying my bills or grocery shopping or anything. Yes, I have an arsenal of coping strategies. The meds grant me the stability to use them. It's a partnership. One of my meds, the most expensive one, now has a generic option. Up to this point the pharmaceutical company that manufactured it was very generous in giving my doctor free samples. He then gave them to his patients who could not afford to buy them. Now it is generic, the company stopped doing this. There's no marketing incentive to push their brand. Public wellness, caring for the poor, is not on their mandate. Profit is. To the tune of billions of dollars. What's a handful of pills to them? Thankfully there's options. A private, paid for drug plan or switching my meds to something less costly. My track record of adverse reactions makes me reluctant to change what is working. Actually, a med change is terrifying. I will trust in the Lord, casting my cares upon Him. He has provided for and guided me faithfully every step of the way. "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Mat 6:10

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