Monday, 1 May 2017

I am a Bondservant, Psalm 166:16 by Susan L.

  A bondservant is someone who willingly gave up their freedom then swore to serve their master until the day they die. It wasn't a paid position. It's the volunteer corps of slavery utterly motivated by love for the one being served.
  I think of the brave men and women of the military and emergency services. All have sworn an oath to protect and serve.
  Our politicians are elected to office and swear an oath as well but the political animal often thwarts their desires to improve our great country and the lives of people who share this planet.
  Yet Jesus forbids oaths. Perhaps it's because when we give our word or make a promise, the devil has a grand time making sure we break it. Maybe because, most of the time, an oath's strength is founded on our own power and ability. God is out of the picture.
  I only have to look at some politicians to know this is true.
  I only need to look inside my own heart to be convicted of oath breaking because I haven't always kept my word. It doesn't take much reflection to realize that sometimes I've agreed to do something purely out of selfishness, not service. I've also agreed to do many things because fear was my motivation. There's been a lot of fear in the fifty-three years I've been on this planet.
  Motivation is really important.
  "What's in it for me?" is a question that doesn't belong to a bondservant of Jesus Christ...
  Thank You, Lord, for Your grace and forgiveness.

  When I worked at a local hardware store, I had an Asian man approach me who didn't speak English. He tried to convey what he was after through pantomime but it wasn't working. Embracing the communication challenge, I gave him a piece of paper to draw the item. His artwork was successful. When the item was in his hand and a smile on his face, he bowed to me in a cultural expression of respect and gratitude. It blew me away because I had only wanted to serve him as a customer to the best of my ability. Yet, this simple act raised my lowly place of hardware store clerk to one of honour and dignity and worth. I doubt I'll ever forget his kindness.
  I have to, once again, give thanks for the farm. This gentleman wanted a hitch pin for a tractor, an item I was very, very familiar with having lost enough of them myself. I have to give thanks that the Lord led him to someone who would know what he wanted.
  Lord, I know that in You, my ability to serve far outreaches my abilities. The worship team is proof. I know that, in You, service is not servitude. It's a joy to meet the needs of others. I know that service is the gateway to Your heart and unimaginable freedom.
  Service = freedom.
  I want to be a better servant, a true bondservant of Christ. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen!
  "Let your 'Yes' be 'Yes', and your 'No', 'No'. For whatever is more than this is from the evil one." Mat 5:37



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