Wednesday, 19 April 2017

I am Becoming a Mature Person by Susan L.

  This is another affirmation coming from Ephesians, chapter 4, verse 13 or 4:13 for short.
  Yesterday had me laughing at the effects of age. Age and maturity don't necessarily go together.
  How do I view maturity?
  Being able to admit when I am behaving like a child. When things don't go my way and a temper tantrum lack of control over my feelings. But that's a dangerous thought, feeling the need to control emotions because emotional expression is part of what makes us human and humane. Maybe maturity is being able to share emotional responses in a way that does no harm. Instead of lashing out in fury, I lift the fury to the Lord to find out what has upset me so much and why.
  Change. Part of finding out the what's and why's is being willing to let go and let God take ownership of my life time and again.
  Not needing all the answers. Noooo...I do. That's who I am; someone who is filled with an insatiable curiosity and a determination to put puzzles together.
  What makes a clock tick? Why is the sky blue?
  What is the nature of God? How do I emulate Jesus? Who is He? Who am I as He sees me? How do I dwell in the fruits of His Truth?

  Being able to take a break and play. Rock skipping, puddle jumping, and shameless bubble blowing.
  Whenever I run a creative workshop at work, more often than not, it ends up with me learning from the people taking part. Actually, I don't like the idea of "teaching" because the groups are always adults. Language choices can create a hierarchy of power. Instead, I facilitate the exploration of various artistic medium. This is an approach with a foundation in humility and gratitude.
  Not being proud of being humble. Ooooo...tricky.
  Maturity, hmmm...being okay with being wrong. Believe it or not, it happens! (smile) And this is an area that could use some more growth, my Lord.

  Living life with and through compassion. For others, hmmmm...for myself as well. That means letting go of the yardstick the world uses to measure the worth of a man or a woman. That means letting go of my yardstick!

  Maturity isn't really a destination, is it? It's a goal, a quest of epic proportions.
  Thank You, Lord, for the journey. Thank You, that in You all things are possible. Thank You that the lumps and bumps, the bags and sags of age will be rubbed away. At least, the internal ones.
  "But now, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand." Is 64:8

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