Thursday, 30 March 2017

I Have Access by Susan L.

  I missed not doing this first thing this morning. It was an early work day because it was my turn to cook for our community lunch: roast beef, gravy, mashed spuds, fresh green beans, mmmmm. It was enjoyed by all and helps me not forget how to cook!
  I had a chance to take a quick glance at today's affirmation of "I have access" but there was no time to look up the Scripture reference before heading out the door.
  Thank You, Lord, for this...
  Imagine a rock concert of your choice. You're the first person to enter and as a result you and your friends are handed a back stage pass. How exciting!! To meet the band you've loved, like, since forever!! Nothing this amazing has happened to you, ever!
  This thought kept rolling around my head throughout the day, "Jesus is the Back Stage Pass". Because of Him, we can go behind the curtain and are personally, intimately, connected to His Father, the Holy Spirit and even angels. He is admittance to mystery, amazing things and untold wonders. Through Him it's possible get up close and personal with others who share our passions and with whom we are connected all the time!
  A concert is decked out with flashing lights, laser beams, smoke and fireworks. It's all about the awe factor and the experience. The musicians up there dancing carefully choreographed, extremely athletic manoeuvers aren't singing all the time. Mostly they are mouthing the words to pre-recorded copies of their work that is blasted out through carefully placed speakers. Understandably so. Singing takes a lot of lung power. Jumping up and down does funny things to the voice box.
  It takes a huge number of people to pull off an excellent show. Sound, make-up, special effects, set-up, organizing, security, and a whole bunch of people I have no idea what they takes a hundred to make one person shine.
  Our own little worship team takes a crew behind the scenes to make sure we sound great, too! (Thanks, everyone!)
  Jesus shines all on His own, this Light of the world.
  And awe fills my soul. For all He had done, is doing and will do.
  The best part of all is the Jesus Pass is free for the asking.
  "And He came and preached peace to you who were afar off and to those who were near. For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father." Eph 2:17-18


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