Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Thank You by Susan L.

  Lord, thank You for helping me get through the busy-ness of the past several days; for the safe travels on highways and bi-ways. Thank You that I arrived when I needed to while accomplishing everything on my to-do list; that the car ran fine; that the windshield washer fluid didn't run out. Thank You for making sure that I positively had to refill the reservoir before going anywhere yesterday because it was nearly empty.
  Thank You for providing the funds to cover gas and parking and paid bills and for the gift of free tickets to the concert.
  Thank You for music in all its forms...well, maybe not rap or heavy metal but that's a personal preference. Thank You for the dedicated musicians who performed beautifully. Thank You for creating images in my mind as the music played: ice bergs and polar bears and January snows.
  Thank You for the freedom to worship and the joy found in making music with the team.
  Thank You that the weather in Florida is great so my folks can enjoy their winter break all the more.
  Thank You for the brave souls who hosted the conference on mental health, that attendance was amazing. It was wonderful that there were so many Christians interested and willing to hear about "Ministering in the Mess" and in doing so, many misconceptions and misunderstandings were put to rest.
  Thank You for Dr. Katz who cares so deeply for his patients. Bless him with strength and energy as he goes about his day. Thank You for sustaining him despite having been awake most of the night after serving in the ER. Thank You for his dedication.
  Thank You for the joy Pumpkin brings despite his typical cat preference for chasing and unravelling balls of yarn or when he rubs his head against my knitting needles. It makes me smile when he sits and stares at me until I get out the laser light and give him a run about chasing it. Watching him watch TV nature shows always makes me smile. I am glad of his company, the furry lap blanket that he is.
  But most of all, thank You for this life. Even though there are days when gratitude seems impossible to find, I know You are with me.
  "We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks! For Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near." Ps 75:1

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