Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A Better Result by Susan L.

  The painting began afresh yesterday. Sometimes it's necessary to begin again. I don't view it as failing but rather it's part of learning and honing skill. "Practice, practice, practice." At least that's how I see it in my own creative ventures.
  A friend of mine once said that imperfections in anything hand made are okay because perfection is the sole realm of God. I think she's talking about grace.
  I think, too, it's human nature to look for flaws. Perfectionism is judgement's partner isn't it?
  Yet, the do-overs are perfectionism in action. It's not really a pride thing, this wanting to create perfection but, for me, it's wanting to utilize hard earned skill to the best of my ability.
  For the longest time, I have struggled with the back handed compliments of others wishing they could do what I do. It's usually followed by a smack down of self..."I'll never be able...I couldn't...I can't do what you do..." I used to feel guilty for making others feel bad about themselves. Sometimes I struggle with it still.
  But actually, these people are right. They can't do what I do because they aren't me but they are unique, wonderful, and with a creative voice that is especially their own. It's simply a matter of finding or even wanting it and "practice, practice, practice".
  Maybe it's not that simple. I had to walk a path of forgiveness for the people who damaged my creative spirit. I had to forgive those who taught me directly or indirectly with subtle put downs, "You'll never be good enough. You'll never measure up." I had to forgive myself for believing them.
  I don't know if I've written about this before but I'll say it again. One of the most common statements I hear is that "I can barely draw stick people." In a burst of insight (thank You, Lord), I realized that stick people images are actually a universal language. No matter what country we are in, when the walking man sign pops up at an intersection, everyone knows what that means! They are everywhere, stick men and stick women. They are incredibly powerful images that guide us and keep us safe.
  So, stick people artists of the world unite! Celebrate the messages that can be conveyed by a couple of crooked lines and a circle.
  "The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both." Prov 20:12

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  1. I have always been in awe of your creative talent and it never made me feel less of myself. We all have our own gifts and I truly enjoy reveling in someone else's, especially when it is an artistic gift that speaks to my soul. I think what they are saying is that your gift speaks to their soul in a way they can't duplicate. Such an amazing blessing to be able to give someone!