Thursday, 23 June 2016

Ramble by Susan L.

  A baby Oriole was out of the nest yesterday. While not able to fly, he or she moved from branch to branch incessantly demanding food. Or maybe it was so mom and dad would know where to find their chick when they brought home some munchies.
  I feel a bit like the chick because for the last couple of days, I've flitted from task to task that had been on the honey-do list. Some of the stuff wasn't on the list at all but when the mood strikes to wash windows, they better get done!
  There was a visit to the doctor's yesterday to get checked out. Good news! It appears my lungs have finally given up the bronchitis! Woo hoo!
  It makes a huge difference in everything from mood to energy level.
  The leader of the new bible study group I've sort of joined (I went once) made a point of inviting me to their year end pot luck Tuesday night. In a rare explosion of carefree exuberance, I went and had a most enjoyable evening of good food and good conversation. But honestly, the good conversation meant I was listening, not flapping my gums.
  This sort of thing is waaaay outside my comfort zone. I admit I am socially awkward and have a wonderful way of putting my foot in my mouth by saying the wrong thing. Ask my kids. They know. What the heart means isn't what the tongue spits out.
  "I don't get out very often." Should have been, "I don't go out very often because it is a challenge."
  "I live in a six hundred square foot bungalow. It's hard to get my head around how big other people's houses are!" should have been, "You have a lovely, old home!" (It was!)
  There were a couple other choice comments that made me feel even more socially inept. I'll keep those to myself. The entire situation is making me laugh at my own expense because yes, there is a brain between my ears! It just doesn't reside in my tongue at all.
  Hmmm, maybe it might be prudent to take my laptop and type out what I want to say before uttering a word. At least then I can delete what shouldn't be said before it's out there for the world to hear.
  I hope the group will forgive my faux pas...what's the plural of faux pas? Faux paases? Hopefully the next time we get together it will be better. I won't feel so nervous.  With God's help of course!
  "For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him." Mat 6:8


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. At least you you got out and went!! Also, when one works so hard to be honest in yourself, how you feel, how the world around you affects you (and isn't that good?) the problems then becomes the social twisting that we do to the truth. It is true you live in a small place, yet one has to twist that truth in order not to "offend" others. It is very tiring. As Proverbs says, the person who keeps silent is considered wise. It is hard - I sympathize.