Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Slow as Molasses by Susan L.

  As I packed up the wheelbarrow yesterday, it felt like there hadn't been much accomplished. Only four boards, the base for the new angled piece stepping off the deck, got cut and installed. It gave me some idea that the deck rebuild may take longer than planned. Which I should know anyways. Allow a certain amount of time to do any project, then triple it.
  I did do more that that. There was a honking, great big slab of concrete that had to be moved because it was in the way of the new flowerbed. It's part of an original cement path that led to the front door and the only piece remaining. Two feet long, twenty inches wide and anywhere from one to four inches deep, it was a questionable task to get it out of the way. It probably weighs close to three hundred pounds, if not more.
  Oh, I love a challenge!
  It's all in the leverage. Pushing down on a pry bar wedged against a hard block loosened the slab enough to get some scrap bits of wood underneath. Eventually I switched to a longer four by four post for better pushing power, then slipped in more scraps of wood to hold it safely in place until it was high enough to clear the driveway. (Finger and toe safety were in the forefront of my mind.) My thought had been to flip it over onto the driveway but instead ended up simply sliding it out of the way.
  It was a successful adventure into physics.
  Now what do I do with it?
  It's in pretty good shape. The step at the back door isn't. If I used round wood to act as wheels, it would be much easier to roll it into its new home just like the Egyptians did to move massive blocks of stone for the great pyramids. Getting the slab installed level is a challenge for another day.
   Thank You, Lord, for this lesson: pushing something down has the power to raise something to unimaginable heights. Thank You, Lord for life's challenges.
  "Blessed is the man whose strength is in You." Ps 84:5

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