Sunday, 15 May 2016

Racing by Susan L.

  Half way through my morning routine, there was a loud eruption of splashing water in the basement. Within seconds I was downstairs to see was had happened. The senses went into hyper-drive.
  Water was spraying everywhere!
  The back up sump pump had kicked in!
  Oh, horrors, that means the main one isn't working!
  (Whew! The back up one still works! Why is it leaking?!)
  It must have settled a bit because where it is joined to the outflow pipe by a rubber gasket, the leak was where a gap had formed. Just like putting your thumb over the end of the garden hose increases the pressure, this small gap had created an icy cold jet.
  This blast of frigid water, barely above freezing, soon soaked my jammies. Not the nicest wake up call! I scrambled to get a screwdriver to fix the leak. It was simply a matter of loosening the bands that hold the gasket tight then make sure everything was snug before tightening it up again.
  It would have been much easier and dryer to have unplugged the pump first but the water level in the pit was really high for the back up to have kicked in the first place. (Panic!!!) Unfortunately, logic had flown the coop because of adrenaline rush and pre-coffee morning fog. By the time this stroke of genius, "unplug it," flashed past, I was already soaked to the skin anyways.
  After running for a couple of cycles on the now leak free back up pump, the main one started working again. (Sigh.) All I can figure is the automatic off/on float switch got stuck then got unstuck.
  Sunday service unfortunately was blanketed with the residual panic created by the adrenaline surge. I didn't play or sing my best as nerve endings continued to fire. Then there was some worry about what was happening at home. The jump started hyper vigilance made the music feel extra loud which only amplified the anxiety. The closeness of the microphone made me feel rather claustrophobic.
  Let's face it, I was an emotional basket case.
  Still, there's much to be happy about. All this happened while I was at home. Then I was going to buy a new pump after church but couldn't find exactly what was needed. Perhaps that's because a new one isn't needed after all. There's thankfulness in the fact that what needed to be done was done automatically.
  I am extra thankful for warm, dry clothes!
  And for today's lesson: Look for Jesus in All Things.
  "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance is of the Lord." Prov 21:31

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