Friday, 22 April 2016

Feeling Better by Susan L.

  Some of the issues I so emotionally blogged about yesterday have been resolved, clarified, and put to rest. For that I am thankful. Incredibly so.
  Meanwhile, the mundane has taken precedence this morning. Hydro is finally back to finish off the new connections so the rumble of the generator is drowning out the morning's calm. It's easy to tell when the sump pump kicks in because it develops a throaty growl while the pump is running.
  On Wednesday, the deck out front got stripped to the bare bones. It is in sore need of an update. Not just for appearance, but the railing was definitely not to Canadian safety standards.
  The floor will stay. The plan is to go into the local hardware store and check out options for covering it. Pulling it apart is out of the question because it was really, really solidly built and even though the surface is rather weathered, it was good to see that the boards are in fairly good shape.
  I've figured out how to do the stairs so they come down at a forty-five degree angle. It means moving and reconfiguring the garden, something that was planned anyways. This also means shovelling a whole whack of dirt out of the way. That had to wait until the hydro guys came and cleared away all the safety fencing from their work zone so there was a place to put it!
  There's a boardwalk at the foot of the stairs which will need moving hence the dirt rearrangement. It won't be long enough to reach the driveway at the new angle so there's a bit of thinking about how to finish it off nicely. It may mean investing in a couple of patio stones.
  As I wrestled with taking the railing down, it wasn't hard to be thankful. This ole gal still has some strength!
  As I was looking for today's scripture, the Lord led me to Mathew 6:19. "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal."
  This made me pause for a moment wondering about spending the money on this reno but I realized this is more about stewardship, taking care of what is needed so my home is safe.

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