Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Start Again? Oh, Well by Susan L.

  In a spate of adventurous knitting, I attempted to add a scalloped pattern to the simple style of the easy sweater. It was chosen to add some variety since there's now one off white and one blue in my wardrobe that are the same. This experiment was done in a charcoal black. Lesson learned. It's too small. By a long shot. The pattern makes the knitting tighter so there needed to be more stitches.
  There needs to be a decision. One, do I rip out the bottom part where the scalloped pattern goes all the way around the sweater or two, simply find someone smaller to give it to? There's a three as well: can it be stretched and pressed it so it relaxes a bit? It might fit then. Or it might not.
  There's nothing against ripping it out but it might be a bit tricky to pick up the pattern that goes in a row all the way down the front. That would have to stay if I want to save any part that does fit, like the sleeves and shoulders.
  Maybe it's time to start doing some woodworking and take a break from knitting.
  Gotta love decision avoidance!
  Besides, there won't be many more days I want to spend in the basement. Spring is springing so it will soon be time to get out into the garden. Woohoo!
  "The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good." Prov 15:3

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