Thursday, 31 March 2016

Profound Truths by Susan L.

  At Bible study we watched a teaching by Carl McCade entitled "A Galilean Wedding". He speaks about the rituals surrounding the unique wedding practices of the Galileans and why Jesus uses them as a metaphor to teach His disciples.
  The tears flowed down like rain.
  All my ranting about the hydro isn't because I was anxious. It's because I was angry. Most of it is because I am on my own having to deal with all of this. When I say on my own, I'm talking about having someone here alongside me with skin on.
  I was angry because the town should have taken down the tree two years ago.
  I was angry because I was afraid: floods, not being here if the power went out again.
  I was angry at myself because of being so ill prepared.
  I was angry because I was so tired from all the anger.
  I was angry because it is so difficult for me to ask for help.
  I was angry because I am so darn capable! I have had to be!
  Then there was the big "D", being divorced. The foundation of all this anger.
  Thank You, Lord for deliverance.
  It was extremely difficult for me to relate to Jesus as my Bridegroom. Wedding analogies stirred up negative and often sad thoughts simply because no one can relate to something they do not know. My experiences coloured and twisted my understandings. I knew they were wrong but didn't know how to get past them.
  Last night's video broke down the walls. Thank You, Lord for answered prayers.
  There is much to think about but right now, this is a heart matter beyond articulation. All I can say is it is beautiful and good and awe filled and amazed and pure and holy.
  Once again I am forever changed.
  "And the Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" Rev 22:17


  1. Try and be thankful. Thankful that you are able to live on your own. Thankful that there are people that are able to help, not necessarily when you want, but there. Be thankful that you don't have someone lording over you telling you how and when to do everything and then finding fault in how you do it. Be thankful for the freedom from all the "garbage" thrown at you and swirling around you (a little water is nothing compared to the weight and sorrow of that stuff). It does have a price - being alone, facing things alone - but oh the sweetness of laying your head down to rest without anxiety and explosive behaviour. To know that if something isn't right, it is your doing and your doing to fix it. Be thankful that you were tested and not found wanting in too many areas. Lessons learned. Savor the sweet freedom from the tyranny. The big "D" can also stand for being "delivered" and the sweet "delight" of having a new Bridegroom who loves you, no matter what. Give thanks.

    1. I really like how you have made the big "D" stand for such beautiful sentiments. Language is such a powerful thing.