Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Distracted by Susan L.

  Writing feels like the last thing I should be doing. It's crunch time as the finishing touches to my granddaughter's box are completed. It means a trip to the hardware store because my ancient pot of varnish finally solidified and the screws for the handles are too long.
  I got handles at the ReStore yesterday. New and in the package. There's enough in the box for the display table drawers as well. They also had drawer runners, new, that will make them easier to mount.  Since it's hit and miss as to what is in stock, it seemed prudent to pick them up at a fraction of what a hardware store would have charged.
  Slowly the bits and pieces are being gathered. I've left the pine in the package and will do so for a couple of weeks. It was a hard lesson that pine panelling shrinks and unless it is given time to cure before being used, it will warp and twist. That was another "start again" experience.
  The actual build has been slowly ticking over in the back of my mind. Thoughts on the steps needed, the how to's, what it will look like, have all passed through the old gray matter. Hmm, writing down some plans might be wise. There's still a bit more research needed, some tricks of the trade to uncover then hopefully, it will all come together. I've plenty of wood for start overs just in case.
  On a corny, philosophical note, the build represents a life with Christ. First of all, His are the best laid plans. He cuts away what is not needed. He builds us up. He smooths the rough edges. He polishes until we shine.
  Yah. Like I said, corny.
  "But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ's gift." Eph 4:7

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