Monday, 15 February 2016

Project Knit by Susan L.

  When I first started knitting the sweater it felt like it would take forever to get it done. With a sense of accomplishment, the last stitches were taken off the needle, the tag ends of yarn were carefully hidden away and last but not least, it was tried on.
  It's big. It's imperfect. Maybe it could have been knit a bit tighter. There's a couple balls of yarn left over that came with the kit. I have no idea why.
  There were a couple of mistakes in the provided pattern that thankfully I caught on to. Or maybe the mistake is mine in how it was read. Had I followed how I thought it went, the sleeves would have ended up hanging somewhere near my ankles. They are a bit long (not that long!) but rolling up the cuffs takes care of that.
  Still, there is a sense of accomplishment in learning how to use two new types of knitting needles: the attached ones and the ones that are pointed at both ends. The set of four pointy ones were challenging. Thankfully, there's a friend nearby who explained how to use them. There's some loose stitches where it was necessary to switch from one needle to another. Most of them are under the arm so they are nicely hidden. I like that. It's like grace.
  For someone who had been reluctant to learn how to knit because I felt there were enough creative hobbies in my life, God is good. He ignored my half baked rejections of the idea. He provided the opportunity to learn and, in order to encourage the teacher by attending, it turns out this is something I rather enjoy.
  It's helped to fill the hours since I am not up to doing much else.
  So now what?
  "Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." Lk 12:32


  1. Good for you! Must feel fantastic! In all the years I've tried projects, anything I have tried to make for myself failed terrible. Gifts, not too bad, by me...yuck. Funny. I would be so happy to have knit a sweater for myself that could be worn!! Well done. (Circular needles, no problem, although they feel odd. The double ended needles, always mess that up somehow. Hard to believe people use to knit socks for all their family on those needles. Mine would have ended up barefoot for sure!)

    1. I bought a knitting accessory kit that contained rubber stoppers to put on the end of double needles. They stopped everything from falling off. I also used plastic needles that weren't quite as slippery. Every little bit helps!