Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Of Nightmares and Restless Sleep by Susan L.

  I don't know what has been happening the last couple of nights but, man oh man, the dreams have been particularly nasty and lengthy. There's been a lot of running and hiding from the bogey man in full Technicolor. There's surround sound and vivid odours. Not that I remember too many details but the residual fear and discomfort has left me rather unsettled, nervous and fatigued as well as slightly depressed.
  Why can't my dreams be filled with fluffy clouds, rainbows and pink ponies instead? Or better yet, Jesus' smiling face. Looking at Him would be much, much nicer than an all night film marathon that has me crouching in terror or running breathlessly through unknown places.
  Forgive me. I am whining and a bit out of sorts this morning.
  Let's look at the bright side. They are, after all, only dreams.
  The thought crossed my mind, even as I slept, that these incredibly detailed, organized and sequential dreams would make an amazing thriller novel. Part of me must've recognized they weren't real.
  I wonder if taking notes and dreaming at the same time is possible. Could a person wake up enough to legibly (that's important) scribble down what has happened then drift back into the same dream to find out what happens next?
  I don't know...sleepiness and coordination somehow don't seem to go together. The occasional, half-awake stumbles to the washroom have often been accompanied by bouncing off the door frame. Holding a pen might be beyond human capabilities in the wee hours of the night. Never mind the necessity of turning on the bedside lamp only to sear the eyeballs with it's brilliance. That takes a whole whack of fine motor skills, too!
  And the ghosts of the night have vanished.
  "The Lord said to my Lord, "Sit at my right hand, till I make Your enemies Your footstool." Mat 22:44

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