Monday, 4 January 2016

Laugh! by Susan L.

  It appears that all the fuss and kafuffle of Christmas made my mind do a bit of a time warp. January first I woke up in 2016, not 2017! It's good to make mistakes. It keeps me humble.
  I was down in Sarnia for the last couple of days with my two sons and daughter, their better halves, and the grandchildren for the last blast of Christmas celebrations. My folks made it as well so there were four generations gathered together.
  My stomach was sore from all the laughter.
  My travel days were a bit snowy. The drive down was a bit dicey in places. About an hour into the drive, just as the snow was starting to get serious, a large transport truck came up behind me. They are a lot more confident driving in bad weather so I pulled over to let him pass. His large tires acted like mini-snow plows in places where the road lay covered. This created a safer path for me in the much smaller vehicle. We travelled together most of the way. My heart bid him a thankful "Safe Travels!" as we parted ways.
  Coming home was a mix of a whole lot of stuff falling from the sky. Momentary blizzards, an icy drizzle followed by fat, tissue sized flakes kept things interesting. There's a lot of open country, farm fields, where whirling mini-tornadoes of wind driven snow tore across the landscape. Other places, the snow streamed across the road like a river. It made me understand why the Inuit people have so many names for snow.
  "You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance." Ps 65:11


  1. You are so brave to drive in such weather! Of course the love and the laughter of family are worth it!!!

    1. I don't know about brave. I grew rather attached to the anonymous truck driver. My small SUV is the first vehicle I've owned with snow tires for winter. They make such a huge difference!